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Resolve Present Life Issues Through Past Life Regression and Between Lives Sessions. Art trained with Paul Aurand, Past President of the Newton Inst.
Certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists

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I was born in 1945.

My grandmother fled from the "Old Country", carrying my newly born mother in her arms, possessing second sight. She tried to convince immigration that my mother was born on American soil but was unsuccessful.  She saw second sight in me.  I did not realize it as a child.  My childhood was filled with "lucky guesses."  My grandmother knew different.  I always thought her smiles were strange as a child but I now understand them.

As I grew older and went off to college, I struggled in certain courses. In one subject in particular, I had to study several books which had hundreds of pages to prepare for the translation final. I was lost! I had the thought that out of all the material, the exam would be on two specific pages of one book. I was correct. There were other such instances throughout college and law school. I always thought that I was just a good guesser.

Later, after graduating from law school, I had my own practice. I would tell my secretary on a regular basis, who would call on a particular day despite the fact that we had not heard from that person for months and nothing essential had occurred in their matter. My secretary would ask me how I knew and I would just laugh and say "who knows".

Luck, as I call it, has always been on my shoulder.  Another way of saying it is that I have been protected so that I can help others.

I retired from the practice of law in August of 2010 after 40 years. I found that the  pressure, anxiety, frustration and anger associated with the practice of law to be oppressive and decided I no longer wanted to continue down that path. After I retired, I felt life flow back into my body.

During the night of October 27, 2010, I had a dream. Since that night, I realized that those "lucky guesses" were not guesses, but a gift waiting to be released. Only when those pressures of life were released would this gift blossom. 

The gift, as I came to realize, allowed me to be a conduit for the Spirit.  I, myself, have no power to heal. The Spirit passes through me to heal those who are in pain; those that are ill; and, for those that gave up hope after traditional medical care. For this I feel blessed and with each healing I feel amazement. I never take my gift lightly and have been given a vision to teach others what has been provided to me. be

Initially, the gift was visions of pain and as time has gone by the gift continues to grows and the ability of sight increases beyond anything I could ever imagine.  The gift now includes healing, ability to experience a person's past, long distance healing and an unique form of hypnosis.

As time progresses, I have been able to help people overcome long battles with sickness, both physical and spiritual, that they thought could never be healed.

One woman, suffering from stomach pain for fifteen years and unable to eat, unable to obtain relief from traditional medicine came to see me.  I laid hands on her stomach for minutes. After one day the pain was gone.  She ate foods that she could not tolerate during that fifteen year period.

Another client, a young boy whose leg was mangled in a lawnmower could not walk normally.  I laid hands on him and the muscle moved beneath my hands. He walked normally after that.  His mother said it was a "miracle.".  Another, a teenager, a victim of cerebral palsy, was scheduled for a brain procedure on Monday and his mother met me by chance on Sunday.  I laid my hands on his head on Sunday. On Monday, the doctors said the results were "amazing" and the procedure was called off. The results are wonderful and the greatest reward I receive are the smiles of the people who are able to enjoy life as they had not been able to, often times, for the years before I laid hands.

This form of healing, this gift, I have named Akashic Hands and this force I call Akashic Energy.

An individual aware of my use of Akashic Energy asked me to visit a close family member who was comatose in the hospital in an effort to communicate with her.  I placed my hands on her head.  Her body reacted immediately, her eyes opened wide. She moved forward in her bed and her pulse rate rose from 81 to 93 for a sustained period of time, an increase of 15%.  None of these things occurred when I had her close family member do exactly as I did.  No reaction of any kind occurred when the family member touched her as I did. 
Another facet of the "gift" provides another form of help. I raise my hand left hand, palm forward, about 6" from another person's left palm. Each person experiences a different sensation on their hand and within their body. Some persons who had recent surgery feel knitting sensations in areas of recent surgery; others feel a sense of nirvana which stays with them for hours or days; and, yet, others recapture long lost memories. 

I am not able to see or diagnose illness in all people or to heal all diseases. My greatest ability is to help people gain faith from within and to have that faith heal both the spirit and body from within. 
Art Gutkin Travels His Client's Akashic Record from The Moment of Their Conception through their Formative Years Experiencing Their Pains and Emotions, Even in the Womb, Often Finding the Cause of Their Adult Physical and Emotional Issues. He then Utilizes His Unique Form of Integrated Regression Healing to Resolve These Adult Problems.