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A Medical Intuitive is an alternative medicine practitioner with intuitive capabililties who utilizies these abilities to find the cause of physical or emotional conditions.  A Medical Intuitive may possess a wide range of abilities including Hands on Healing; Seeing causes of emotional and physical distress; and, Traveling person's pasts.

Medical Intuitives have been hired by hospitals, clinics and medical offices. Medical Intuitives do not make formal diagnosis but some M.D.s do ask Medical Intuitives for second opinions.

Medical Intuitives present information to the client in general terms and will participate with the client in the healing process.  Much of the success of the Medical Intuitive cannot be supported by scientific evidence.

Medical Intuitives possess a wide range of abilities. Medical Intuitives vary in ablility from those who make recommendations after speaking to the client in person or on the telelphone to those who make recommendations after concentrating on the client during a period of meditation.

Medical Intuitives vary in many aspects. My gift focus on four areas: (1) Hands on Healing (2) Meditation enabling me to experience a person's life from the womb to adulthood to explain the causes of emotional and physical illnesses (3) Long Distance Healing and (4) An unique form of Hypnosis which permits me to induce a rapid trance and suggestions to help persons resolve emotional and physical issues.

Medical Intuitive practice began in 1854 and the term Medical Intuitive came into being in 1987 with the writings of the well respected Carolyn Myss.



Art Gutkin Travels His Client's Akashic Record from The Moment of Their Conception through their Formative Years Experiencing Their Pains and Emotions, Even in the Womb, Often Finding the Cause of Their Adult Physical and Emotional Issues. He then Utilizes His Unique Form of Integrated Regression Healing to Resolve These Adult Problems


P.C., Reading, PA

“For 17 years I had untreatable seizures on nearly a nightly basis. Art laid hands on my heart, induced a state of relaxation that I still maintain, sent healing twice during the night over a week and relived my first seizure at the age of 8 while he was in a meditative state removing it as a cause for my affliction. I have been seizure free for months, since meeting Art!!!”

J.M., Marietta, GA

“I was diagnosed with liver cancer.  I heard that Mr. Gutkin was coming to Atlanta.  I refused radiation and chemotherapy until I saw him. Mr. Gutkin laid hands on my liver twice in a week.  Each time I went to sleep for nearly a day after that.  Two weeks later a biopsy showed that I was cancer free.”

C.H., Emmaus, PA

“I suffered from fibromyalgia for many years.  I called Art.  He did not see me but called me at night and gave instructions before going to sleep.  He told me he would send healing while he was in a deep meditative state. Two weeks later the fibromyalgia was gone and I began enjoying life once again.”

Name Withheld, New Jersey

“Art relived my childhood and saw  moments in my childhood that created great stress in me.  I did not recall the ages when those moments occurred and their relation to each other.  I now know why I feel stress in certain areas of my adult life.”